Web Development

If you are looking to enhance your business strategy with the involvement internet, website for customers to reach you easily or eCommerce prospective contact us for a better price according to your requirement

Custom Computer Assembly

If you can't find the monster machine you want and you need to build something for your own requirements, don't look any further.We will build exactly what you want. Doesn't matter if you are a Graphic Designer

Data recovery

Have you lost your important data, we are here to help you. Now you can recover almost anything you have lost. You might have deleted some important documents yourself by mistake or due to crash of the hard dri

Internet & Network Setup

Setting up internet in your home, manage connections and network setup, now can be done more suitable to your location. It could be Local Area Network setup and Grouping and Virtual Private Network configuratio


Do you have any problem with your Desktop Computer or Laptop? We can help you to overcome with whatever the issue you have. Doesn't matter if you have any software issue, hardware issue or network and internet

Tutorials & Guiding hand

Modern world is too fast for you and you think you are not ready to move on with it and make the benefits of using computers? We can help you. Regardless of your age or any other circumstances, we are capable o

Performance Enhancement

If you think your computer performance has been gone down recently when comparing to how it was before or your computer got infected Virus Malware and Evas Dropping we will help you get back to the original con

Web applicaiton development

Custom web application development for the convenience for your life now can be done. If you have doing something continuously over and over day to day basis, it is a good time to think of an convenient and mor

Cloud storage setup

If you think about working in groups, Local cloud setup will be a handy environment for you. If you have multiple family members working in the same company or same project and working in random times setting u

Server Installation

If you want to setup a Windows/Linux server for your company we will do that for you. Depending on the working environment and size of the organisation we can suggest you the server type and the configuration y